Plan Your Future with Long Term Care Insurance –

Some young people think investing in a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy is unnecessary at this point of time since they are still strong, healthy and earning a regular paycheck. They think by the time they would require long term care (LTC) they have stashed away millions of dollars. Unfortunately, that is just too close to impossible because statistics show that majority of Americans who have retired had less than $100,000 in savings. This is not even enough to cover a year’s stay in a nursing home especially if one is living in the mid-Atlantic region where the cost of care is soaring rapidly. Having an LTCI policy will enable an individual to pay his LTC expenses whether these were incurred at home, in a nursing facility or elsewhere. It is a big mistake to think that an LTCI policy can be purchased

When You Just Need to Make an Investment –

You can do without certain things in life but some are just too indispensable not only to your future but your family’s welfare, as well, like long term care insurance (LTCI). Although many people think this insurance product is optional, long term care (LTC) specialists think otherwise. Every year the cost of care increases by at least 5%, and thus paying for care out-of-pocket is next to impossible. Most people who bravely took the risk of self-insuring wound up wiping out their assets before turning to Medicaid. Elder care specialists and LTC professionals have never failed to remind the public to plan their future health care needs wisely in order to avoid sacrificing their hard-earned money to prohibitive long term care (LTC) costs. Now one of the ideal ways to plan their LTC, according to financial advisers, is to invest in a comprehensive LTCI

Stepping Up Your Retirement Game Plan –

Having a good retirement plan is the best reward you can give your future self for working hard all your life. After spending all those decades working relentlessly, plenty of people look forward to the time when they can take a step back and finally put their feet up. However, generations are now facing various challenges and concerns when it comes to their retirement plans. Baby boomers find themselves outliving their long term care and retirement funds, Generation Xers are trapped supporting two generations, and Millennials are struggling to find their footing in today’s world. At present, research shows that 80% of people aged 30-54 do not believe that they will have enough money for retirement, and 63% of people who start  working at 25 will end up relying on Social Security, friends, family, or charity. Add the fact that the average lifespan of
Parkinsons Disease

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease and Dealing with It –

Michael J. Fox, Johnny Cash, and more recently, Muhammed Ali—these are some of the famous faces claimed by Parkinson’s disease. We have all heard about it; the neurodegenerative brain disorder that slowly takes a person’s ability to regulate body movements and emotions. While most of us watched these famous people live with the disease through the TV and computer screens, there are those who have had front row seats to the disease changing their family member’s life.   Parkinson’s disease can take a toll on you and your family physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. While long term care insurances can greatly alleviate the physical and financial burden, the emotional and psychological load is a bit more difficult to deal with. From the patient to the people closest to him or her, Parkinson’s disease can alter lives. Early Detection Similar to many diseases, early detection
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