Caring for Someone Costs a Lot –

Long term care is an inevitable stage in every person’s life. At one point or another, you have become the caregiver and the care recipient, though you might not have noticed it at that time. Why? Because caregiving is not just about 24/7 specialized care. It is not limited to round-the-clock monitoring, injections, or feeding tubes. If you are the person who buys the groceries, cooks the meals, or cleans the house for someone with special needs, then you are a caregiver—whether you realize it or not.   In the United States, approximately 43.5 million individuals are providing unpaid long term care to an adult or a child. 34.2 million of this number provides care to an adult age 50 and older in 2015. Many people do so to avoid the high prices of care (refer to this link for the cost of long
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