Successful Aging Sealing the Deal with Long Term Care Planning

Successful Aging: Sealing the Deal with Long Term Care Planning

Growing old successfully has become a difficult task in America. According to the National Council on Aging, over 25 million Americans age 60 and above are economically insecure. This means that so many of the older population are living at or below 250% of the federal poverty level (set at $29,425 per year for a single person). At the forefront of their worries are long term care needs, health care bills, and diminished savings. With this in mind, it is not difficult to see how successful aging can be a struggle.   Although it takes a collective effort from the society to right the situation, aims to spread awareness on this through engaging discussions and accessible information. Successful aging does not happen overnight. However, we can address it one matter at a time. For today’s post, let us talk about the effects of

In-depth Discussions: Everything You Need to Know About Long Term Care

Long term care, for many individuals, is still a vague concept. Because of this, many individuals end up delaying planning for the possible repercussions. After all, it is not secret that cost of long term care in the country is reaching new heights. Combine that with the fact that 70% of individuals turning 65 will, at some point, require care services, and we have an urgent and potentially disastrous situation on our hands.   This is why Finance for Health seeks to address these issues. We still have time to cover our future; we only need to start now. The confusion and lack of urgency must be changed. To do so, we have gathered in-depth information on what long term care is and how people can navigate it.   If you have any questions and inquiries, please feel free to let us know in

Dementia Care: Using Technology to Your Advantage –

Growing old has many obstacles, from dealing with the long term care insurance costs to managing your finances enough to last your whole retirement. Do not get us wrong, aging is an incredible part of life that should be celebrated. After all, not many people get to experience the privilege of growing old. However, it can be a tough time for anyone when degenerative illnesses and health conditions come to play. One such common condition common among older individuals—although not necessarily part of growing old—is dementia.       Dementia hinders not just the diagnosed individuals but the family members and loved ones, as well. So many of the older individuals diagnosed with the condition worry about one thing: becoming a burden to their family. Finance for Health understands this concern. This is why, in hopes of alleviating some of the stress brought by dementia
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