Elder Abuse

How to Prevent Elder Abuse Effectively

One of the biggest fears of many adults in growing older is the risk of elder abuse. In fact, this fear is not unfounded. Studies show that 5 million individuals are affected by elder abuse each year and approximately half of people with dementia experience abuse or neglect from their caregivers. However, what makes matters even more alarming is that only 1 in 24 cases is reported to the authorities. So few are willing to step forward, and this makes addressing the problem even harder.   Individuals in long term care are subjected to different kinds of abuse at various times. It involves more than just physical harm that results in bruises, cuts, and other injuries. So many older individuals experience emotional abuse through bullying, embarrassment, and social isolation. Many caregivers abuse their senior care recipients by neglecting them and their needs. Moreover, abuse
caregiver guide

The Thrifty Caregiver’s Guide to Wise Spending

Let us all agree that caregiving costs a lot of money and that we need to take decisive measures against bankruptcy now. Financeforhealth.com aims to provide valuable information in the form of budgeting tips, financial solutions, and expert advice to every caregiver out there struggling with the demands of the task.   We have elderly spouses left with little resources after caring for their partners and adult children barely able to safeguard their retirement plans. We need to avoid this from happening to the next generations by encouraging everyone that you love to secure a long term care plan as early as now. Money does not grow on trees, and no one understands this more than the caregiver wrestling with the costs of care. In fact, 1 in 5 caregivers experiences financial problems brought about by the demands of the task. Moreover, caregivers who
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