Using Surveillance Cameras to Prevent Abuse from Elderly Caregivers –

Due to several complaints of elder abuse from elderly caregivers in long term care facilities, a lot of families now resort to using surveillance cameras to help protect their loved ones. Based on the numerous counts of elder abuse discovered as a result of installing surveillance cameras, the actions of these families proved to be essential in ensuring the safety of the elderly population. Just this year, family members of 96-year old Eryetha Mayberry installed a hidden camera in her room at Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (Oklahoma City) following suspicions that someone in the facility is stealing from her. The video revealed even worse; Mayberry was abused several times by the very person she depended for care. In one occasion, elderly caregiver Lucy Gakunga was seen shoving latex gloves into the patient’s mouth while her companion Caroline Kaseke watched. In another incident,

Convenience of Iowa Long Term Care Partnership –

As one of the states which not only participates in the partnership program, but seriously promotes the reciprocal agreement, the Iowa long term care partnership policy is really worth having. Under the reciprocal agreement, an Iowan who holds or owns a qualified partnership long term care insurance (LTCI) policy which was issued in Iowa can receive asset protection even in the state that he moves to.  This, however, is upon satisfying the reciprocity standards of the Iowa partnership program, and these are as follows: Your  partnership LTCI policy should’ve  been issued in Iowa You must have received benefits from your partnership program qualified LTCI policy The amount of your assets that is equivalent to your maximum benefit shall not be spent down  should you apply for Medicaid to receive additional care; after having exhausted your policy benefits If a policyholder of the Iowa partnership
approved or denied

How to Appeal for Denied Health Coverage –

Health insurance is one of the policies that are necessary to have because at one point, all of us will require some sort of medical treatment and service. If you are uninsured when a health condition occur, that could mean a considerable amount that you have to pay out-of-pocket. This can vastly impact your budget and current finances. Basically, a health insurance policy works by shouldering the medical expenses and treatments that you have incurred. Surely, it seems like a great strategy in order to thwart the effects of medical expenses on your finances. But, what if your insurer refuses to pay off your claims and states that your condition is excluded from your policy? If you find yourself in this scenario, don’t fret as you have every right in the world to appeal. Here’s how. 1. Do it right away. If you get
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