Senior Care

Senior Care: Am I Doing It Right?

As much as possible, we never truly want to think about our parents needing senior care. Perhaps, it is the emotional weight that comes with knowing that the roles have changed. That stomach-drop in realizing that, “Mom’s growing older. I have to care for her now.” However, it is a reality that we cannot escape.   The best action to take is to prepare as much as possible for what could happen. To help you in caring for your senior loved ones, here are a few considerations:   Senior Care: When Should I Start? Many telltale signs can indicate your parents needing care. Though the most obvious ones would be health conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease and stroke, some symptoms are more difficult to identify. For some, certain conditions develop that over time prove to be the turning point in their need for long term
Elder Abuse

How to Prevent Elder Abuse Effectively

One of the biggest fears of many adults in growing older is the risk of elder abuse. In fact, this fear is not unfounded. Studies show that 5 million individuals are affected by elder abuse each year and approximately half of people with dementia experience abuse or neglect from their caregivers. However, what makes matters even more alarming is that only 1 in 24 cases is reported to the authorities. So few are willing to step forward, and this makes addressing the problem even harder.   Individuals in long term care are subjected to different kinds of abuse at various times. It involves more than just physical harm that results in bruises, cuts, and other injuries. So many older individuals experience emotional abuse through bullying, embarrassment, and social isolation. Many caregivers abuse their senior care recipients by neglecting them and their needs. Moreover, abuse
caregiver guide

The Thrifty Caregiver’s Guide to Wise Spending

Let us all agree that caregiving costs a lot of money and that we need to take decisive measures against bankruptcy now. aims to provide valuable information in the form of budgeting tips, financial solutions, and expert advice to every caregiver out there struggling with the demands of the task.   We have elderly spouses left with little resources after caring for their partners and adult children barely able to safeguard their retirement plans. We need to avoid this from happening to the next generations by encouraging everyone that you love to secure a long term care plan as early as now. Money does not grow on trees, and no one understands this more than the caregiver wrestling with the costs of care. In fact, 1 in 5 caregivers experiences financial problems brought about by the demands of the task. Moreover, caregivers who

In-depth Discussions: Everything You Need to Know About Long Term Care

Long term care, for many individuals, is still a vague concept. Because of this, many individuals end up delaying planning for the possible repercussions. After all, it is not secret that cost of long term care in the country is reaching new heights. Combine that with the fact that 70% of individuals turning 65 will, at some point, require care services, and we have an urgent and potentially disastrous situation on our hands.   This is why Finance for Health seeks to address these issues. We still have time to cover our future; we only need to start now. The confusion and lack of urgency must be changed. To do so, we have gathered in-depth information on what long term care is and how people can navigate it.   If you have any questions and inquiries, please feel free to let us know in

Dementia Care: Using Technology to Your Advantage –

Growing old has many obstacles, from dealing with the long term care insurance costs to managing your finances enough to last your whole retirement. Do not get us wrong, aging is an incredible part of life that should be celebrated. After all, not many people get to experience the privilege of growing old. However, it can be a tough time for anyone when degenerative illnesses and health conditions come to play. One such common condition common among older individuals—although not necessarily part of growing old—is dementia.       Dementia hinders not just the diagnosed individuals but the family members and loved ones, as well. So many of the older individuals diagnosed with the condition worry about one thing: becoming a burden to their family. Finance for Health understands this concern. This is why, in hopes of alleviating some of the stress brought by dementia
long term care insurance

Wise Saving: Is Long Term Care Insurance a Smart Buy? –

The high cost of long term care services is one of the causes of a financial downfall. Most people do not have a comprehensive long term care plan, so when an event suddenly forces them to avail skilled nursing care or in-home care, they have no choice but to pay for it out-of-pocket.   Long term care insurance is a product in the industry which assists people in paying for care needs that would otherwise be too costly to fund on their own. In purchasing a policy, you could choose from three long term care insurance types which are all tailored to fit various budget ranges and care needs. So instead of relying on your savings to pay for nursing home care expenses, your long term care insurance policy will cover your incurred expenses.   However, the issue of long term care coverage remains

Stepping Up Your Retirement Game Plan –

Having a good retirement plan is the best reward you can give your future self for working hard all your life. After spending all those decades working relentlessly, plenty of people look forward to the time when they can take a step back and finally put their feet up. However, generations are now facing various challenges and concerns when it comes to their retirement plans. Baby boomers find themselves outliving their long term care and retirement funds, Generation Xers are trapped supporting two generations, and Millennials are struggling to find their footing in today’s world. At present, research shows that 80% of people aged 30-54 do not believe that they will have enough money for retirement, and 63% of people who start  working at 25 will end up relying on Social Security, friends, family, or charity. Add the fact that the average lifespan of
Parkinsons Disease

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease and Dealing with It –

Michael J. Fox, Johnny Cash, and more recently, Muhammed Ali—these are some of the famous faces claimed by Parkinson’s disease. We have all heard about it; the neurodegenerative brain disorder that slowly takes a person’s ability to regulate body movements and emotions. While most of us watched these famous people live with the disease through the TV and computer screens, there are those who have had front row seats to the disease changing their family member’s life.   Parkinson’s disease can take a toll on you and your family physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. While long term care insurances can greatly alleviate the physical and financial burden, the emotional and psychological load is a bit more difficult to deal with. From the patient to the people closest to him or her, Parkinson’s disease can alter lives. Early Detection Similar to many diseases, early detection
Updating Your Parents Retirement Plan

Updating Your Parents’ Retirement Plan –

One of the many wonderful realities that we now have because of longer life spans is that we get to spend more time with our parents. Thanks to medical advancements and increased awareness when it comes to health and wellness, people are living longer than before. Longevity is a feat that should be celebrated, but along with it comes the lack of preparedness that some might have. Current retirement plans might not be enough to cover the extra years. A good example of this is how people delay buying long term care insurances.  When 7 out of 10 people end up needing some form of long term care after their 65th birthday, children would do well to have that “retirement” conversation with their parents as early as now. What is surprising, however, is that not many families have had this talk despite more and

Tips for Evaluating Long Term Care Insurance Plans –

Long term care is a concern for the majority of us, and it is up to us if and when we are going to prepare for it. A select few are able to cover the expenses through their own savings and assets, but for the average American, the usual spending could be close to impossible to meet. It is no secret that long term care is expensive. If we are not careful, we and our loved ones could end up having to deal with a huge debt. However, it doesn’t have to end in a financial mess. With proper planning, coverage for your long term care could be uncomplicated. After all, there’s nothing a great and well-thought-out plan can’t fix. A great option to consider is long term care insurance. Through an LTCI policy, a person is provided the appropriate care by professionals without
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