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Choosing the right doctor or healthcare provider is going to be one of those very important decisions you have to make because choosing the wrong one can lead to your poor health or even your death.

You must also choose someone that you can work with, and will not give you more stress than you can handle. Choose someone that you can be in partner with or even be friends with. Thus strengthening the doctor-patient bond.

If you have many doctors, see them as your medical team and tell them to coordinate with each other to be able to take care of you better.

What kind of health provider will you choose?

  • Someone who understands your needs is probably the best doctors to choose, like a family care doctor or an internist are great candidates.
  • A board-certified internist or family care doctor is going to be a great choice for primary care. A board-certified pediatrician for children.
  • Specialists are also a great choice. They are doctors who undergone advanced medical education and clinical training on a certain field making them “specialists” on that field. They are a great choice if you are focusing on a certain field like heart care.


Before choosing a doctor, always make sure their credentials and experienced. Think about all the things you want in your soon-to-be-doctor. Find a one that is easy to work with. You must also call his office first if you already found someone who fits your preferences. Here are some questions you must ask before you go to his or her office. Ask the receptionist these following questions:

  • Is the doctor still accepting new patients?
  • Can you tell me about his or her credentials and is he or she board-certified?
  • Where did he or she receive his or her medical training, education and expertise?
  • Cite some hospitals where he or she is working with.
  • Is there a back up doctor in case he or she is not available?
  • Is my health insurance connected to him or her? Will your office bill my health insurance for me?
  • Is the doctor choosy of his or her patients? What kind of patients does he often work with?


On your first visit, you should be attentive to the doctor’s behavior and traits because this will also help in choosing him or her. Ponder on some of these questions to help you decide.

  • Does the doctor attentive to what you are saying and does he or she answers your questions properly?
  • Does the doctor use layman’s terms to make it easier for you to understand what they are saying?
  • Does he or she spends an ample amount of time with you and not preoccupied with other things?
  • Do you see yourself working hand in hand with this doctor?
  • Does the doctor insist on you to take an active part in taking care of yourself?

This might take not only one visit to help you make a decision. But be sure to take into account all of the above to help you decide.

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