Major Health Care Problems You Should Worry About –

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Medication for diseases and hospital treatment for injuries can be costly nowadays. If you have limited budget, you may wish to do anything just to avoid hospitalization. Fortunately, the US government offers health care benefits to millions of citizens.

Health care is more important than you may think. Federal or state governments shoulder your costs on hospitalization and medication. In fact, the US government spends more than $9,000 on health care for every US resident. Aside from preventing deaths, health care is also responsible for health programs such as family planning.

Despite the advantages of a health care system you may be one of many Americans who are not satisfied with its current situation. The US health care system faces various problems. You may be concerned not only for your own health but also you are a taxpayer as well.

First of all, you should worry that over one-third of health care expenses do not benefit Americans – these expenses are simply put to waste. Around $1 billion are wasted every year. The culprits behind this excess are too much and unimportant health care procedures. If you are pregnant and decide to deliver the baby earlier, you spend health care funds in an unnecessary fashion.

Surprisingly, the American health care system also faces the lack of transparency. Reports of early pregnancy deliveries continued to increase for decades. Information relay about this practice’s negative effects on health care spending was ineffective until private organizations joined in. On the other hand, you may be one of many Americans who still lack complete information on where to apply or get health care benefits.

Health care is supposed to prevent more injury and help patients recover from sickness. For some Americans, the opposite may be true. In one statistical report, 25% of Medicaid’s recipients go through one form of injury during hospitalization. In addition, babies who are delivered earlier than the schedule have higher risk of internal organ ailments or even death.

Americans can benefit more from the health care system if it is focused on prevention instead of cure. Health care may cover the costs and services for hospitalization, surgery, and medication. It does that job well, yet the US has more cases of obesity, sexually-transmitted diseases, and infant mortality than several countries with similar economic performance.

You may wish that health care programs are focused on improving your diet, more committed with sex education and prevention of STDs, and on other ways for millions of Americans to live in good health.

After all, health care may not be accessible for you. In order to provide greater health care access, policy changes require more contribution from taxpayers. Low-income American families may spend up their money on health care instead of leaving it for the next generation.

There are multiple ways of dealing with these health care problems. One solution is to apply health care for high-priority ailments and injuries, and prevent less serious illnesses through a healthy lifestyle instead of more prescription drugs.

You and other Americans who are concerned with health care can get informed and even move for reforms. In fact, pressure from recipients and employers is responsible for the steady decrease of inflation with health care costs.

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