Prevention and Treatment for Irregular Heartbeat –

Prevention and Treatment for Irregular Heartbeat –

Do you have a heartbeat that is following an irregular rhythm? If yes then you probably have arrhythmia. Having an irregular heartbeat is common but it doesn’t mean that all episodes are harmless.

There are certain occasions wherein your heart beats too fast than normal and it’s just a natural effect when you feel anxious and afraid and you’ve just done a strenuous activity. But if this happens without any of the said factors or it just happen out of the blue then that’s the time you should show concern because this might be detrimental to your health.


Arrhythmias can be classified into three:

Tachycardia – your heart beats fast, more than 100 beats in one minute.

Bradychardia – your heart beats slow, less than 60 beats in one minute.

Premature heartbeat – an extra heartbeat in between your two normal heartbeats.


If you have arrhythmias of any kind mentioned above, your doctor may or may not recommend treatment. It’s because not all arrhythmias are dangerous and recommendation for treatment still depends on the cause of the episodes, how severe it is and what type of arrhythmia you have. If you’re lucky you can manage this condition by simply changing the way you live your life. Like how?

If you’re fond of eating in fast food restaurants, you like to drink coffee and you smoke a lot then you better quit those bad habits now. These things are just some of the major reasons why you experience arrhythmia.  Avoid these things as early as now if you want to avoid having irregular hearbeat.

Modifying your lifestyle is one of the best options for people who have arrhythmias that are not that serious. Receiving medical treatment that are unnecessary usually lead to complications such as cardiac problems. So it’s advisable to ask your doctor first of the best possible treatment for your condition and don’t forget to ask about the effects of the treatments.

There are some people who resort to herbal treatments that make use of Hawthorn. This herb is known to make heart muscles stronger, normalize blood pressure and regulate heartbeat. Taking this herbal medicine is beneficial to people with heart arrhythmia because it helps in making their heart beat in a regular pattern. There are other herbs that can help in regulating heart beat and they are Gingko biloba, Viburnum opulus and Passiflora incarnate.

Herbal medicines are proven to be very effective but it doesn’t mean that you can just take them without consulting your doctor first. They may be natural remedies but you can never be sure if they will have a positive effect on you and there will be no side effects.

Always keep in mind that having an irregular heartbeat already means you need to get medical treatment. In most instances it’s just a natural occurrence and by simply changing your lifestyle you can manage arrhythmia. But it’s always best to seek the advice of a specialist just to make sure that what you’re experiencing is not detrimental to your health and will not lead to complications later on.



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