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We will all need medical care at some point of our lives. When it happens, we need to focus on getting well and not on how to pay for expenses. There are a lot of ways to pay for medical care but to date, there is no source of financing for this type of care that is as cost-effective as health insurance. With the right policy, you and your family can save thousands of dollars in case one member gets sick and need care.

Some policies, however, provides better coverage than the others. The following are some tips to having the best health insurance policy.

The Affordable

Care Act

mandates that

children under the age of 19 cannot

be denied

coverage due to


conditions. This

provision will also

apply to adults

beginning year


  1. Understand copays and coinsurance – Copays and coinsurance are flat fees that determine your share of the bill in case you get sick. Knowing how much you’ll pay out of pocket will help you avoid unexpected expenses.
  2. Understand limits on coverage – The Affordable Care Act disallowed health insurance companies from setting annual and lifetime limits on coverage for “essential services.” Services that are not deemed essential, however, can still be subjected to such limits. Learn about them before buying a policy.
  3. Consider your dependents – If you have a child under the age of 26 who doesn’t have health insurance, you may include him on your coverage as a dependent. Furthermore,
  4. Factor in inevitable needs – If you have family history of a certain disease, make sure that it is covered by your policy. There should also be coverage for conditions that can be anticipated such as maternity for couples who are starting a family.
  5. Avoid over insuring – Over insuring happens when the overall costs of your health insurance policy exceeds the actual cash value of the risk you are trying to insure. This makes you pay more than what you need. Choose your benefits well.
  6. Compare health insurance plans from different insurance companies – A good financial transaction always involve comparing prices. Get health insurance quotes and compare them to see which policy gives the best value for your money.
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